Tuckeroo Stud
Dorper Sheep & Murray Grey Cattle

Tuckeroo Stud is located in the Limpinwood Valley, Northern Rivers NSW and the region is renowned for high rainfall and high stocking rates. 

Sustainable farming practices are incorporated into all aspects of our business including soil, water and pasture management, animal welfare, native vegetation and farm biodiversity.

We believe in a holistic approach to farm management to ensure that maximum efficiencies are gained throughout all aspects of our business which is reflected in our business plan and continuous improvement monitoring.

We are a small property so our breeding program focus must be quality over quantity. Our main objective is to produce stud Murray Grey cattle and Dorper sheep.

We source our cattle and sheep genetics from proven studs with a strong track record in leading the industry so we are able to meet the contemporary demands of our clients.

Tuckeroo Company Profile

Tuckeroo Stud is a partnership formed by Scott Antcliff and Amanda Woollam. Tuckeroo Stud has a business philosophy based on sustainable agriculture, animal welfare and the conservation of natural ecosystems.

Scott has qualifications and experience in conservation and land management with a Bachelor of Landscape Management with First Class Honours, majoring in Conservation Biology and has extensive professional experience in Environmental Governance and landscape ecology.

Amanda has a life long experience in the agricultural industry specialising in animal husbandry and professional experience in Business Management and Governance.

Both Scott and Amanda's personal interests in Natural horsemanship have progressed over time to applying natural horsemanship techniques for handling and working with sheep and cattle achieving excellent results. The results are quiet, calm and workable livestock resulting in tender beef and lamb products.

Our primary aim is to produce Stud Murray Grey cattle and Dorper sheep that will contribute to the betterment of their breeds by improving temperament, fertility, carcass traits and feed efficiency. Tuckeroo Stud aims to achieve this by adhering to triple bottom line principals of environmental, social and economic standards.

Sustainable Agriculture

Tuckeroo stud utilises rotational grazing to ensure that 100% ground cover is maintained all year round, soil compaction is managed and soil organic carbon is increased through healthy pasture management.

Rotational grazing is incorporated with complimentary grazing by sheep and cattle. The result is reduced weed management input costs and maximum pasture growth is converted into increased animal protein.

Our beef and lamb products are produced with natural fodder and grains, sourced from the local region. Our beef and lamb products are guaranteed not to have used hormone growth promotents. 

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is highly regarded within our business. Happy stock are fertile and productive stock, easy to work with stock are cost effective reducing labour costs and stress free stock improves beef and lamb tenderness quality.

Tuckeroo Stud do not use stock whips, working dogs, electric prodders, raised voices or aggressive human behaviour to work our stock. We work with our animals natural behaviours.

Tuckeroo Stud work with the natural behaviours of stock and incorporate these behaviours into our daily work practices. Preferred natural behaviours are reinforced through recognition and reward principals similar to the principals of natural horsemanship.

Conservation of Natural Systems

Tuckeroo has embarked on an extensive biodiversity, soil and water conservation program with a creek habitat restoration program, fencing 1.5kms of creek to exclude stock and the planting of 15,000 endemic native trees, shrubs and ground covers. The program has resulted in a dramatic improvement in water quality through nutrient buffering and significant increases in species richness and abundance in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

The program has placed Tuckeroo in a position to take advantage of the future carbon economy with enough trees already in place to offset a significant proportion of our Co2 emissions.

Our Products

The commercial reality of breading stud stock is all stock produced must be commercially viable so Tuckeroo Stud produces a proportion of our stock for commercial purposes to promote our brand.

Tuckeroo Stud sells beef and lamb products direct the customer, we supply the product, organise processing and delivery to the butcher of your choice for packaging.

Future Directions

Tuckeroo aspires to convert to organic animal protein production. Current obstacles to overcome before this can be achieved are sourcing organic responses to internal and external parasite control.

Currently Tuckeroo uses worm tests to ensure that chemical internal parasite control is only used when necessary and to reduce parasite chemical resistance.

External parasite treatments are applied only when absolutely required to ensure that optimal animal health is maintained.

As soon as viable alternatives to the above obstacles are identified, Tuckeroo Stud will adopt the alternatives and pursue organic certification.